Are you a man or a mouse?

What differs our thinking from animals is that we can create meanings based on beliefs, desires, and dreams. What it means in practice is that we can have a dream about an adventure and start building a boat and create a meaning that motivates our actions. We can also stand on a carpet and pretend it´s a boat and share the experience with others by creating a meaning that makes others join in. But due to the conflicting currents between the church and science during the Enlightenment everything relating to our ability to imagine was put aside in order to study nature. In this way our creation of meaning based on beliefs, desires and dreams, together with stories that were seen as a carrier of fantasies and illusions, and where the narrative became the scapegoat to all creations that didn´t correspond to reality, were bundle off away from science and labelled with the sign saying “disbeliefs”. Continue reading

How to control E3 by finding Nemo

For a number of years ago, I lived in a rainforest until one day I couldn´t stand not being able to see the horizon and the only thing I was staring at was my skin looking for leeches that appeared from nowhere looking like a stroke of a pen on the skin. If not being attentive to the thin black line and remove it quickly, it wouldn´t take long before you found a lump, big as a plum, attached to the skin that had to be unscrewed. The only thing I felt sorry about by leaving was to miss the yearly event when people from the distant and widely spread cattle stations gathered in the village to find a life companion. It was the biggest event of expectations I had ever experienced until E3 turned up. Continue reading

When cultural conventions operate on minds

Last summer I took a walk to a National City Park in Stockholm to try out the newly released Pokemon Go. For those of who haven’t played Pokemon Go, it´s like using the map in a mobile phone but with the exception, that name of streets and city-related landmarks are removed and replaced with Pokestops that are placed within a range of bus stops. By reaching the Pokestops one gets balls to catch small cartoonish animals called Pokemon that appears on the map and can be collected. Alongside me, I recognised a group of people that were walking with a map in their hands looking for Tony Cragg sculptures that turned out to be placed within the same range as the Pokestops and where my Pokemon appeared their sculptures came into sight. Continue reading